• Dr. Vincenzo L'Imperio

Presence of IgG in IgA nephropathy immunecomplexes


Immunecomplexes in IgA nephropathy are though to be composed by IgG autoantibodies directed to galactose-deficient IgA1 (Gd-IgA1) produced by mucosal lymphoid tissue.

Take home messages

  • Routine immunofluorescence is able to detect IgA in mesangial deposits, but fails to highlight IgG in more then 50% of cases

  • IgG extracted from tissue of patients affected by IgA nephropathy demonstrated specifity for IgA1 and not for other antigens (eg PLA2R)

  • This specificity has been demonstrated also for cases without IgG+ immunofluorescence

  • These IF-negative cases were analyzed by confocal microscopy, demonstrating co-localization of IgG and IgA


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